Teen & Youth Services

Adolescent Respite

HCO is able to provide after-school, mid-week and school holiday respite programs exclusively for adolescents. Many young people form views of them-selves and a sense of identity through the process of gaining independence from their parents.

Adolescence can be a turbulent times for families. Respite provides a time for you as the carer to take ‘time out’ and for your teenager to begin to ‘spread their wings’ in a supported and safe environment.

HCO can pick up your teen from school, provide snacks and dinner (if required) and assist them with homework, learning new skills or just spend time relaxing. We can provide transport home later in the evening or overnight respite - returning your child to school the following day. The respite staff work closely with school teachers to ensure there is a stress-free transition from respite to school and from school to respite.

Teen & Youth Services

For carers, the advantages are many:

  • You may be a working carer; respite can allow you time to refresh your energy and revitalize your motivation. Keeping yourself in good health is important if you are to continue to undertake the responsibility of or sharing the carer’s role. Taking a break is essential for all family members.
  • Perhaps you can extend your working hours knowing your son/daughter is being well-supported after school and/or in school holidays.
  • For stay-at-home carers, time out for yourself means you can go shopping, go to the hairdresser, attend appointments or give other siblings more time.

For young people taking advantage of respite means:

  • An opportunity to expand their circle of friends.
  • An opportunity to learn a new skill or set of skills to work toward independence for example transport training, menu planning, shopping and cooking, looking after pets/vegetable garden.
  • An opportunity to spend time in the company of others of a similar age with similar interests.
  • Being able to explore their local community/go to local attractions.
  • An opportunity to receive support with developing or consolidating new life skills – build confidence and resilience, learn how to communicate with new people.
  • An opportunity to learn and flourish in a well – equipped 3 bedroom home in Mt Barker.

Teen & Youth Services

Individual Care Plan

All of this is done after thorough consultation with the young person and family members. A comprehensive and individualised care plan, flexible to your young ones needs, is developed to ensure all staff are aware of the individuals’ support requirements. This will include (but not limited to) strategies to manage dietary and hygiene requirements/managing behaviours of concern/medication management/likes and dislikes and daily routines.

NDIS Funding:

The NDIS funding can address respite for adolescents under the following support categories:

  • Group-based community, social and recreational activities
  • Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities
  • Assistance with self-care activities
  • Group-based activities in a centre.

Our staff working in adolescent respite:

All the support staff hold the following qualifications:

  • Child Safe Environments training.
  • Qualifications: Certificate 3 or higher in Disability or Community services or progressing toward a higher qualification or equivalent.
  • A Senior First Aid certificate
  • A current and valid Driver’s License
  • A current Medication Administration certificate
  • A current Manual Handling certificate
  • A current DCSI Child Related Employment Screening.

Other staff criteria:

  • To adhere to a commitment to a Person Centered approach and the principles of active support.
  • Staff are specifically selected to ensure they have appropriate experience and skill sets in supporting individuals with an intellectual disability, dual disability, behaviours of concern, acquired brain injury or Autism Spectrum disorders.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about our adolescent respite or to discuss other ways HCO can support your family, please ring the Client Services Manager Monday to Friday on 08 8398 4400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.